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Native of the north-west, now finding myself in Leicester I am a wine lover, crazy cat lady, craft enthusiast, sometimes artist and enthusiastic writer. I claim to have achieved 'beginner' status in all of these areas, except cat cultivation in which I am a proud master.

Museum curator is my proper job, I love history, archaeology and art. 

I regularly volunteer in a local vineyard to help develop my knowledge of wine.

If I receive a product or attend an event for free I always let you know in the post. Please assume invitations to launch events are not ticketed and no money changes hands! I'll attend a launch for free and write a review about it, but they have no control over what I say!

My opinions on any product or event, even those gifted to me are always my honest opinion. At the time of writing (17/01/16 - still true July 2016) I have never taken payment for writing a post, or to add specific links, however if that changes I'll be sure to let you know in plain language.

From July 2016 no follow links to external company websites are used as standard. If you wish follow links to be used, please contact me in advance of writing.

All images on this blog, unless otherwise credited are copyright of Laura Hadland. If you'd like to use any of the images please drop me a line. All copy, unless expressly credited as a quote or guest post, is written by Laura Hadland and remains my intellectual property.

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